CC_Flickr: Inventorchris

CC_Flickr: Inventorchris

Voters in Montgomery County, Md., stripped the Fraternal Order of Police's Lodge 35 of some of its bargaining rights by approving the Question B measure.

With the vote, the FOP loses "effects bargaining" rights, which allow the union to bargain over management decisions such as requiring officers to check their e-mail daily and clothing allowances for undercover officers, reports the Washington Examiner.

Torrie Cooke, Lodge 35 president, has said "effects bargaining" also covered critical issues such as shift schedules, promotions, and tranfers.

"It has been in place in Montgomery County for 30 years and worked well," Cooke said. "Those who trivialize such collective bargaining by saying it applies to police officers checking their email are demeaning what we do to preserve public safety."

The FOP lodge was only police union in the state to have such rights.

The Montgomery County Police Department led the 2002 investigation into the Beltway sniper attacks.


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