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NYPD Wants Authority to Disable Drones Deemed a Threat

In 2018, Congress passed a law allowing federal law enforcement agencies to disable a drone—including shooting it down—but it would take additional federal legislation to give local law-enforcement agencies like the NYPD the same right.


New Jersey Officer Leaves $100 Tip for Pregnant Restaurant Server

An officer who stopped for lunch at the Lamp Post Diner in Gloucester Township on Friday left behind more than a lasting impression on the food server who tended to his table. He left the woman—seven months pregnant but still working to save money for her new arrival—a $100 gratuity and the gift of a touching note for her.


Florida Sheriff's Office Valentine's Day Facebook Post: "Don't Play Hard to Get"

A Florida sheriff's office used the Valentines Holiday to have a little fun with individuals...

The Martin County (FL) Sheriff's Office posted an image on Facebook of five deputies collectively holding a bouquet of flowers, a heart-shaped balloon, and five boxes of Valentines chocolates, saying, "Our Warrants team is waiting for you with open cuffs. Don’t play hard to get, because they’re in it for the long haul and are truly committed to capturing your heart!"