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Axon Sues Federal Trade Commission Over Vievu Merger Complaint

Axon is suing the Federal Trade Commission over a complaint stemming from the company's purchase...

Rick Smith, Axon's CEO, says the lawsuit will not have any effect on the company's ability to provide law enforcement agencies with video evidence capture and management tools and less-lethal weapons. "Typically these things take two to four years to sort out," he explains.


Gamber-Johnson Introduces Rugged Lite Keyboard

Gamber-Johnson's new Rugged Lite Keyboard is available in a kit bundled with the Quick Release...

Gamber-Johnson's new Rugged Lite Keyboard is designed to work with a tablet computer and special mounting equipment for a cost-effective solution and the perfect complement for an application that does not require fully rugged devices.


Submersible Robots

Submersible Robots

Like tactical and bomb squad robots on land, remotely operated vehicles (ROV) can go places that it is dangerous for officers to go and protect their users from hazards. They also save agencies money by reducing the need for dive team operations to recover bodies and evidence.