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Wildlife Encounters

Massachusetts Officer Rescues Skunk—Gets Sprayed in the Process

An officer with the Cambridge (MA) Police Department was reminded that no good deed goes unpunished as he rescued a small skunk with a small yogurt cup stuck to its head and was promptly sprayed in the process.

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Alabama Officer in ICU After Rattlesnake Bite

An officer with the Greenville (AL) Police Department was hospitalized Monday after being bitten by a rattlesnake.

Massachusetts Officer Rescues Fawn Entangled in Branches

An officer with the Stoughton (MA) Police Department rescued a baby deer from being entangled in some brush on Sunday.

FL Woman Pulls Gator From Pants During Traffic Stop

When deputies asked to see any wildlife they had collected, she pulled a foot-long alligator out of her yoga pants and placed it in the truck bed.

Florida Officers Capture Massive Alligator from Local Business

The department posted pictures of the apprehension to its Facebook page, saying that the animal was "carefully removed without harm from the area and relocated to a safe place."

Texas Police Called to Rescue Caged Tiger in Abandoned Building

Officers with the Houston Police Department responded to a 311 caller stating that they had discovered a tiger in a cage in an abandoned building.

Ohio Police Untangle Trapped Buck's Antlers from Soccer Net

Officers John Fink and Jeremy Puhac of the Brunswick (OH) Police Department were called to assist animal control officers who were unable to free a deer entangled in a soccer net.

Michigan Police Forced to Fatally Shoot Three Exotic Birds Wandering on Roadway

Law enforcement authorities in Michigan confirmed that they had to fatally shoot three wandering Emus after being unable to determine the owner of the exotic birds.

Illinois Deputies Shepherd Stray Camel Off Interstate and Into Safety

Deputies with the Macon County (IL) Sheriff's Office were called to remove an escaped camel from Interstate 72 on Sunday.

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Kansas Police Called to Capture Massive Snake Discovered by Postal Worker

Overland Park, KS, police posted images on Twitter of a massive Ball Python a postal worker discovered wrapped around a resident's mailbox.