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Active and retired officers offer straight talk to officers and deputies working the urban and rural beats of this country.

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10 "Must Read" Books for Law Enforcement Officers

Strewn on my living room floor are a handful of books from my fairly massive collection of law...

Being a civilian in the law enforcement universe for more than a decade now, I've learned that—in addition to talking directly with cops, doing ridealongs, and attending police training—there is enormous value in reading a wide variety of law enforcement books and training materials.

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Free Speech, Violent Threats, and Learning from a Misguided Professor

Professor Joshua Clover—who teaches English and comparative literature at UC Davis, and...

Professor Joshua Clover—who teaches English and comparative literature at University of California at Davis, and according to his official bio, specializes in Marxism and "the end of capitalism"—said in an interview published in early 2016, "People think that cops need to be reformed. They need to be killed."

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7 Tips for Safely Dealing with Animals on Patrol

An officer with the North Kansas City (MO) Police Department coming to the rescue of a tiny...

Mountain lions and other very dangerous predators have been known to show up in densely populated cities. Elk have been known to get tangled in a farmer's fencing. Raccoons and opossums end up in storm drains and dumpsters on a regular basis. Here are some thoughts on dealing with non-human subjects in a way that keeps both the animal and the officer safe.