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Active and retired officers offer straight talk to officers and deputies working the urban and rural beats of this country.

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7 Tips for Safely Dealing with Animals on Patrol

An officer with the North Kansas City (MO) Police Department coming to the rescue of a tiny...

Mountain lions and other very dangerous predators have been known to show up in densely populated cities. Elk have been known to get tangled in a farmer's fencing. Raccoons and opossums end up in storm drains and dumpsters on a regular basis. Here are some thoughts on dealing with non-human subjects in a way that keeps both the animal and the officer safe.

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Americans Support Police Well Beyond National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

It's easy to look at the landscape of public opinion in America and come to the conclusion that the majority of people in the United States despise the police. However, the vitriolic anti-police sentiment demonstrated by a small number of the public, the press, and the political class is not an accurate reflection of how the majority of Americans feel about their law enforcement officers.

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Watch the Hands: Improving Police Interactions with Deaf Subjects

Officer safety is obviously paramount—and should never be jeopardized by allowing a potentially dangerous subject who should be handcuffed to retain use of their hands—but weigh into your tactics the fact that communicating with a deaf subject who is handcuffed becomes significantly more difficult.