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Active and retired officers offer straight talk to officers and deputies working the urban and rural beats of this country.

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Senior Officers Speak Out: "The Best Advice I Got as a Rookie"

There's so much great advice handed down from senior officers to LEOs just coming on the job. It's invaluable institutional knowledge, so if you have the opportunity as a more seasoned officer help out a rookie with something you've learned over the years, make every effort to do it.

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Mad as Hell About Water Buckets—and the Ferguson Effect

Screen grab of video posted to social media of a large group of young people in the Bronx...

One component of the Ferguson Effect is the glorification of anti-police sentiment, anti-police protests that turn violent, and attacks on officers—both verbal and physical. The latest social media videos of attacks on officers serve as proof that this wrongheaded thinking undeniably exists.

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Why Police Should Ignore the Starbucks Kerfuffle

The blowback on Facebook against Starbucks was especially vitriolic, leading an outside observer to conclude that mistreatment of law enforcement officers in the company's stores is a pervasive problem (spoiler alert: it's not).

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An Open Letter to Knox County Sheriff's Detective Grayson Fritts

According to Knox News, Detective Grayson Fritts—who is also a pastor at a local church—delivered a sermon in early June in which he said that the government should execute members of the LGBTQ community. You read that right—he called for state-sanctioned mass-murder of an entire population of people. His comments were reprehensible and anathema to the oath LEOs take to protect and serve their communities.