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Active and retired officers offer straight talk to officers and deputies working the urban and rural beats of this country.

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The Perils and Pitfalls for Police Officers Posting on Social Media

An organization recently made available to the media a significant database of social media posts—that they deem to be potentially offensive—from thousands of officers from places such as Philadelphia, Dallas, Phoenix, St. Louis, and elsewhere. Internal investigations have been launched at several of those agencies. Here's why cops need to use social media cautiously.

Blog Post

3 Keys to Financial Wellness for Police Officers

Which pair of bills would you rather have in your wallet—the two bearing the image of Abe...

Jason Hoschouer—when he's not out on motor patrol in the San Francisco Bay Area—helps fellow LEOs with financial coaching. He's also written a book on the subject called "Badges & Budgets." Here is some of the wisdom he shares with his clients.