A Seattle police officer shot and killed a burglary suspect, who had already reportedly stabbed another officer and killed a police dog, Wednesday afternoon. 

Police responded to the report of an attempted burglary at a home shortly after 2 p.m. and, according to the Seattle Police Department, the suspect was armed with a knife. He reportedly attempted to flee and was pursued by a K9 team.

The police dog was released to catch the fleeing man, who then stabbed and killed the dog, police say.

In addition to stabbing the dog the suspect also stabbed an officer in the face during an altercation,  the Seattle Times reported. The officer sustained minor injuries and was checked out by medics on the scene and later sought medical attention at an area hospital, according to KING5.

Another Seattle officer who had also responded to the scene shot and killed the suspect while he was stabbing the dog, police say.

The department said the shooting will be investigated by its Force Investigation Team and representatives from the Office of Police Accountability and the Office of Inspector General also responded to the shooting scene Wednesday, the Seattle Times reported.