Mayor Lori Lightfoot is requesting that U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland send more federal resources to Chicago to help combat the city's surging crime and gun violence.

Lightfoot made the announcement during a public safety news conference Monday afternoon, Fox32 reports.

Lightfoot made three specific requests of Garland. One being that he send ATF agents to Chicago for six months in order to "increase the number of gun investigations and gun seizures."

Secondly, Lightfoot is requesting more federal prosecutors be sent to the city in order to handle new crime cases that will be generated by the federal government also sending more ATF agents to work on investigations.

Thirdly, Lightfoot wants Garland to send additional federal marshals to Chicago to help the Cook County Sheriff's Office and Chicago Police Department with tracking down thousands of individuals wanted on warrants.

"We need these additional resources well in advance of summer," Lightfoot said.