Several officers with the Euclid (OH) Police Department who were first to respond to a call of an apartment fire are being credited with saving the lives of a number of wheelchair-bound residents.

The agency posted on Facebook a narrative of the event, saying that when they arrived at the scene people outside were yelling that residents were still on the second floor. Officers Kotlar, Malone, and Leyde rushed inside, heard cries of help, and crawled under dense smoke to find several residents and assist them in evacuating.

"One disabled woman was carried to safety by those officers," the Facebook post said. "Police learned that a four-year old child was still inside am apartment and were able to direct the Euclid Fire Department to that child's location for rescue."

In the end, all residents were safely evacuated from the fire.

The social media post concluded, "Words are hardly enough to express the deep thanks and appreciation for Euclid Police Officers and Firefighters who put their lives at risk to save others. They are true heroes!"