Polk County (FL) Sheriff Grady Judd appeared on Fox and Friends on Friday, decrying the illegal drug trafficking over the US-Mexico border, saying, "You want to just pull your eyeballs out."

Judd's agency recently seized 50 pounds of methamphetamine.

The Sheriff's Office investigation indicates that the haul of illegal narcotics—with a street value of $1.4 million—came from Mexico.

Judd said that the drugs coming in from Mexico are not just being delivered to border states, saying that any state can be impacted and perhaps every state is.

"We know that meth and meth-related deaths in our last complete year of data, 2017, was almost 1,000 deaths in the state of Florida alone. Now extrapolate that over the entire country and you can see it’s not just people coming across the border, it’s criminals coming across the border with meth that’s killing people in the United States," Judd said.