An officer with the Faulkner County (AR) Sheriff's Office has been fired after video surfaced on Twitter of his shooting and wounding of a small dog.

Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals said in a Facebook post that Deputy Keenan Wallace—a K9 handler—fired his service weapon and injured an animal while "in close proximity to a person."

Deputy Wallace had been responding to a call of an aggressive dog at the time of the incident.

Wallace is seen in the video asking the dog's owner to come to the curb to discuss the matter of the barking dog. Soon after the owner refused, a shot rang out, and the dog began to squeal in pain.

"Over the last 24 hours, at my request, Faulkner County Investigators have been working diligently to investigate whether Deputy Wallace violated any state law or our agency’s policies and procedures," Ryals said. "While it appears no policies or laws were violated, I hold every employee within our agency to the highest of standards and will be forwarding the investigation to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for further review."

Ryals continued, "As a result of the incident that occurred on January 4, 2019, in the Shiloh Estates Subdivision, Deputy Keenan Wallace has been relieved of his duties at the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office."