Photo: POLICE file

Photo: POLICE file

Interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel told attendees of a pro-marijuana rally Saturday to avoid using it in front of police officers, following the state's legalization of the drug in November.

Chief Pugel spoke to attendees in the "smoking tent" of the Cannabis Freedom March, where his audience lighted up and munched on cannabis snacks, reports the Seattle Times.

"What I ask specifically, if they want to see it work, don't embarrass police officers," Pugel said, reported Fox News. "Do not use in front of police officers."

On Nov. 6, Washington voters legalized marijuana for recreational use inside the privacy of a home. Users can be cited for public use. In December, Seattle Police leaders told officers to issue verbal warnings for public marijuana use.

The decision to legalize marijuana has put the state at odds with federal law that still designates marijuana an illegal drug. The California Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that cities and other local municipalities can ban pot dispensaries.