U.S. Marshals arrested a violent gang fugitive in Roswell, N.M., on Halloween, several hours after his wedding.

The arrest team arrived at Daniel Jojola's residence with members including Marshals, Roswell Police officers, Chaves County narcotics deputies, and special agents from the FBI, ATF and state probation and parole division.

Officers made their presence known at the front door, and Jojola attempted to flee out of the rear of the residence. When Jojola was taken into custody, officers found methamphetamine and a 9mm handgun.

During the arrest, deputies came across paperwork that Jojola was married earlier that day in Carrizozo, N.M. Jojola and his new bride drove back to Roswell to celebrate. They were seen going into the home, in the 300 block of W. Matthews Street, where Jojola was later arrested.

Jojola is associated with the "Eastside Chihuahuita" gang and has an extensive criminal history including possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and four burglary convictions.

The 5th Judicial District Court of New Mexico issued a warrant for Jojola"s arrest on Sept. 20, and on Oct. 26, Deputy U.S. Marshals placed Jojola's name on New Mexico's Most Wanted list.