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CA Police Academy Grads Taught History of Police-Minority Relations

Much of the course material was presented by Greg Woods, a lecturer in the university’s Justice Studies department, who zig-zagged from the Enlightenment to slavery to the Zoot Suit Riots to the present.

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Father of "Broken Windows" Policing Dead at Age 83

George Kelling—who along with James Wilson revolutionized American law enforcement with their "broken windows" theory of policing—died in his New Hampshire home on Wednesday. He was 83 years old.

Ohio Officers Buy Wheelchair for Hit-and-Run Victim to Help Her Recovery

A woman in a wheelchair who was struck by a hit-and-run driver has been gifted a new wheelchair by the police officers who responded to the scene of the incident.

Idaho Department Forms Community Diversity Outreach Group

The Boise Police Department has formed a four-member Community Advisory Outreach Panel with the aim of improving police services and building public trust.

Video: OK Officer Responding to Noise Complaint Shows Off Drumming Skills

An officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department who was responding to a noise complaint due to an individual playing drums in front of a dwelling decided to show the neighborhood that he's not too bad sitting behind the drum kit.

Deputies Return California Man's Prosthetic Leg Lost While Skydiving

Deputies with the Sonoma County (CA) Sheriff’s Office were pleased to deliver to a man his expensive prosthetic leg after he lost it while skydiving.

Charlotte Officer's Pet Pigs Cheer Up Kids Mourning Deaths of Brothers, Sisters

And that’s the point. The 44-year-old father of four started what he calls the Bacon Response Team about eight months ago. He and the pigs have visited schools, the cancer ward at the hospital and community events, trying to spread joy and help kids and adults get comfortable with police

Alabama Department Hosts Chili "Cook Off" Fundraiser

Employees from various sections of the Mobile (AL) Police Department faced off in a heated battle on Saturday. The heat came from steaming bowls of homemade chili.

A K-9 Unit Has Benefits for Police Departments and Communities Alike

A police K-9 unit is instrumental in myriad missions, including drug enforcement, search and rescue, fugitive apprehension, and of course, public relations. So when a K-9 is injured or killed, they are treated with nearly as much reverence and respect as when a police officer suffers a similar fate.

Kansas Department Partners with Local Artists to Create Community Mural

An area artist named Michael Toombs was chosen to lead the design. Toombs has been praised for other murals in the area, including a 130' x 30' mural located across the street from the Brown v. Board National Historic Site.