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Community Relations

Talking to the Community About Active Shooters

It may take some effort to convince people that attacks can happen in your town, but educating them in how to respond can be very beneficial to them and you.

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Florida Officers Join Mall Flash Mob

On Thursday, visitors at the Aventura Mall in Miami were cheering on a flash mob of local dancers, according to mall officials. Those cheers quickly turned into boos when two police officers interrupted the performance, but ended up joining in on the routine.

Ohio Department Praised for "Lunch with Law Enforcement" at Local Schools

Students at schools in the Riverside School District are getting used to seeing police officers show up unannounced in the cafeteria, and according to reports, they're enjoying the visits.

Foot and Hoof Patrol: Meaningfully Connecting Cops and Citizens

Foot patrol is the essence of community policing—officers on foot create opportunities for the public to connect with their police (and vice versa). Conversely, when officers are wrapped in two tons of metal and plastic, that opportunity for real connection is essentially lost.

National Police Museum Invites People to Walk in Officers' Shoes

“Many kids first think it’s like a video game,” said Alan Davis, an educator and retired New York police officer. “They soon realize that real-life split-second decision-making isn’t easy, and they freeze. For real police, there are no second chances.”

California Officer Delivers Groceries to Elderly, Wheelchair-Bound Woman

An officer with the Benicia (CA) Police Department responded to a welfare check call, discovering an elderly woman whose out-of-town family had not been able to contact her. A week later, he returned to see if she needed anything.

Video: NYPD Officer Sings Backstreet Boys Over Patrol Car Speakers

Video of an NYPD officer belting out the Backstreet Boys classic "I Want it That Way" from his patrol car is delighting the internet.

Two Tools for Field Communications

Two models may help your field conversations, depending on who you're talking to. Introduce-Explain-Ask is a service-oriented approach for relatively low-stress encounters. For tougher, more volatile situations, you can use Ask-Tell-Make.

Why Schools Should Teach Students about Policing and Constitutional Law

I've long held the belief that a year-long civics class should be a requirement nationwide. Further, these classes should include more than just the basic structure of government. Curriculum should incorporate Constitutional Law and Supreme Court cases related to the Fourth and Eighth amendments, as well as police policies, procedures, and practices.

Oregon Police Hold "Summit" to Build Community's Trust

"Building Bridges of Understanding in Our Communities came together in September 2016, at a time of heightened tensions in our country and polarizing political rhetoric," said the City of Portland on its website.