The Phoenix (AZ) Police Department released a critical incident video that showed edited clips of body-worn camera footage from officers taking fire from a man barricaded inside a home May 24. The man fired multiple shots but was persuaded by police to surrender without incident several hours later.

Sgt. Andy Williams, a department spokesperson who narrates the video, said a community member flagged down a nearby police sergeant about a man attempting to steal a vehicle about 3 p.m., reports AZCentral. The man fled from that officer, but police say he broke into a nearby unoccupied home.

Williams said the man shot multiple vehicles that officers were using as cover. Body-worn camera footage from one officer, who returned fire, shows him firing nearly a dozen times from behind a white GMC Sierra pickup truck. Williams said the officer and two sergeants then used cover fire to suppress the gunman while the officer and one of the sergeants moved to another vehicle parked farther away from the home.

Members of the department’s Special Assignment Unit used a PA system to negotiate with the man and deployed tear gas to avoid another shootout with him. He exited the home and surrendered about three hours after the initial shots were fired.