Bodycam footage was released Wednesday showing the shooting of a Besenvillle, IL, police officer — who was shot eight times on Nov. 6.

Officer Steven Kotlewski responded to a domestic call just before 1 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 6, WGN reports.

Kotlewski entered an apartment and saw a woman sitting on a couch. In just a matter of mere moments, he was under fire allegedly from Kiante Tyler, 21.

Kotlewski was unable to draw his service weapon. He took one shot to the back, which was stopped by his vest, and another to the back which landed under his vest. Kotlewski was also shot multiple times in the legs.

Tyler was arrested at the scene.

Family said Kotlewski is doing much better with the help of physical therapy. He has not been released from the hospital yet.

A GoFundMe for Kotlewski and his family has raised over $181,000.