A San Bernardino (CA) County Sheriff’s deputy was shot and wounded during an attempted traffic stop Tuesday afternoon.

The unidentified 27-year-old deputy, who was shot during an attempted traffic stop at 4:14 p.m., was alert after the shooting and was transported to the Community Hospital of San Bernardino, Sheriff Shannon Dicus said in an evening press conference.

Police are not yet sure why the deputy initiated the traffic stop, Dicus added.

Surveillance footage taken near the scene of the shooting shows the patrol SUV with its siren blaring as it pursues a white car. As the deputy’s vehicle rounds a corner in pursuit, what sounds like at least 20 gunshots ring out, and the patrol car comes to a halt, KTLA reports.

The full extent of the deputy’s injuries has yet to be determined, but Dicus noted that they appear to be “superficial injuries to his face” and some shrapnel in his arm.

Aerial video from Sky5 showed a burned-out Sheriff’s Department vehicle at the scene. Law enforcement sources said they were not sure how the car caught fire.

“We have no idea right now how that patrol car was on fire … That’s going to be part of the investigation,” Dicus said.

KCBS reports the suspect’s vehicle was located at an apartment complex. SWAT teams could be scene raiding an apartment. It’s unclear if anyone was taken into custody. At last report, the suspect remains at large.