Citizens in DelMarVa—the peninsula that is shared by the states of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia—will continue with plans to show appreciation for local law enforcement officers this week despite concerns about COVID-19.

According to Coastal Point, the events are being spearheaded by local residents who are associated with an organization called Delmarva Supports Law Enforcement, which says that the events being held are a simple "thank you" to officers serving the community.

One of the organizers—Andrea Baumann—told Coastal Point that the decision to move forward with the gatherings in support of law enforcement despite the pandemic had "definitely presented challenges" but she and other police supporters felt it was important to show the nearly 100 police agencies serving the area that they appreciate the police.

There are two official gatherings planned—one in Dagsboro and another in Ocean View—but organizers have said on social media that any show of support for law enforcement will be appreciated.

One citizen—Heidi Sussex—posted on the Ocean View Police Department Facebook page a note of support for the effort to thank officers throughout the region.

Sussex said, in part, "These men and women go to work never knowing if they will be coming home, yet they still show up and give us their all. This special day is the least we can do for them. Our little towns are some of the safest in Delaware and it's all Because of these men and women watching over us. It takes a very special person to do their job. They are dealing with so much hate and we just want to thank them and let them know they are appreciated not just this one day but everyday!"

Sussex said that there is "no set guide as to what to give/do."

She wrote, "We know many can't join in person so there are other things they and do to show support... change profile pictures or make a Facebook post, put blue lights outside, hang a thin blue line flag, a blue ribbon, send in a lunch delivery one day... mail a card, be creative and thoughtful."