An officer with the BNSF Railway Police Department shot and killed a man who drove a pickup truck into a Chic-fil-A restaurant after being escorted from the building a few moments prior to ramming the building with his pickup truck.

According to the Lincoln Journal-Star, officials say the man had begun to act erratically inside the restaurant and was subdued by Todd Ogden—president and CEO of the Downtown Lincoln Association—who was at the restaurant with his wife.

The man—identified as 48-year-old Joseph F. Cimino—then got into his pickup truck and drove in reverse into a bank of windows overlooking the parking lot, officials say.

Christopher Hall, a senior special agent with the BNSF Railway Police was waiting in line outside when he saw people climbing out the drive-thru window after Cimino reportedly backed the truck into the restaurant.

Armed with a commercially available "stun gun" weapon, Cimino then reportedly began to approach Agent Hall, who opened fire, fatally wounding the man, police say.