The DeKalb (IL) Police Department has released its own video of a controversial incident that happened last month.

The agency posted on Facebook, "On Saturday, August 24th, 2019, the DeKalb Police Department arrested Elonte McDowell after initiating a drug investigation that led to charges of Possession of Cannabis With the Intent to Deliver—a Class 4 Felony. As a result of this arrest, there has been significant public interest in this case and the facts that surround this arrest."

The post continued, "The DeKalb Police Department believes it is important to be transparent with our community to best preserve the public trust. With this in mind, the DeKalb Police Department is releasing in-car video camera footage from this incident. A total of five in-car video cameras were activated during this incident; four from DeKalb Police vehicles and one from a DeKalb County Sheriff’s vehicle. A compilation of these videos is being provided to the public for contextual purposes."

The agency placed a link to the video, which can be seen below.