Decades after a baby boy was kidnapped from St. Clare Hospital in Lakewood, Washington, the now-grown U.S. Marine met the FBI agent who saved his life.

On Friday, Cpl. Stewart Rembert put his arms around Troy Sowers in Knoxville, Tennessee, 22 years after the agent found the abandoned baby.

Upon their reunion, Sowers told Rembert he was "thankful that we found you alive," KIRO reports.

Two days after Rembert was born in 1997, the baby boy was kidnapped by a woman who claimed to be a health care worker. More than 24 hours later, Sowers found Rembert, who had been abandoned in a box behind a dumpster.  

"I pulled a baby out of a box," Sowers said on Friday. "That was tough. I had to take a couple deep breaths before I started talking."