The Walker County (AL) Sheriff's Office had some fun on social media over the weekend with people who are critical of law enforcement despite having very little—if any—actual knowledge of the profession or the law.

The agency said on Facebook, "Keeping in line with the restructuring of the Sheriff’s Office, we have created a new division within the department. Effective immediately, citizens will be able to earn this Walker County Sheriff’s Office Keyboard Warrior badge anytime they use social media to post something that’s absolutely ridiculous. We will no longer engage in fruitless back and forth arguing with people who say ridiculous things. We will simply issue the badge, and move along."

According to the department, criteria to qualify as a WCSO Keyboard Warrior is as follows:

  • Absolutely no law enforcement experience whatsoever
  • The ability to completely ignore factual information and continually operate in the world of fiction and/or the past
  • The ability to form your own ridiculous opinion and then force that opinion down other people’s throats, no matter how many times you’re proved wrong
  • Must know how to do everyone’s job better than they do, even though you’ve never done them
  • The ability to NEVER admit you’re wrong, even when there is glaring evidence that you are, indeed, wrong
  • The ability to talk passionately about things you heard from someone else and/or just completely made up in your own head
  • Must have an appallingly closed mind with the inability to accept positive change and to always point out the negative in any situation

The post concluded, "We look forward to identifying our local Keyboard Warriors and can’t wait to make even more of our citizens feel like a part of our department."