Three naked women led Florida police on a wild vehicle pursuit late last week. The Florida Highway Patrol released video of the incident to local media on Monday.

According to New York Upstate--the three women are residents of upstate New York—police responded to reports of the women showering at a rest stop and "air drying" outside the facility.

As police were gathering information at the scene, the three women allegedly jumped in their vehicle and fled.

A brief pursuit ensued, but was discontinued due to FHP policy.

The car was spotted again some time later and as an officer attempted to make an arrest, the driver reportedly drove at the officer, who dove out of the way of the vehicle. A passenger then got out of the car and reportedly attempted to attack the officer with a baseball bat.

The subjects fled again and the pursuit resumed. It ended when an officer used a PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle.

All three were TASERed, taken into custody and sent to the Pasco County Jail. Charges they face include fleeing to elude, resisting arrest, aggravated assault and lewd behavior.