Two deputies with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office were seen in an amusing video sitting in lawn chairs and eating snacks beside the road of a freeway in their jurisdiction that tends to have foul-weather traffic collisions.

The video was posted as the weather forecast warned of an impending blizzard.

The agency said on Facebook, "The snow is starting to fall in Southern Douglas County. If you have plans to travel South on I-25 between Castle Rock and Monument this afternoon you may need to make alternative plans. There is a high possibility of road closures to include I-25, Hwy 83 and other county roads and we are discouraging any and all travel in the Southern part of the County."

When questioned by a passing deputy what they were doing, one of the two seated snack-eating deputies said, "Oh, we're just enjoying the show! Every time there's a big storm cars get stuck everywhere"

In all seriousness, the deputy followed up by saying, "Hey guys, make sure you're driving safe. Try to get home. The roads are slick and crashes do happen. We don't want to have to come and get you on the side of the road."

He concluded, "Have a great night and be safe. Slow down and increase your following distances."

The other deputy repeated that message in Spanish.