A police officer in Arkansas is on the hood of a moving car that had been reported stolen when he fires into the vehicle's windshield, video shows.

The Little Rock Police Department on Thursday released footage showing the Feb. 22 confrontation between Officer Charles Starks and 30-year-old Bradley Blackshire.

Starks was responding to a call after a detective confirmed that Blackshire was driving a car that was reported stolen, reports Fox News.

In the video released by police, Starks can be seen walking up to Blackshire's car with a gun drawn and instructing him to get out of the car multiple times. The 30-year-old refuses, asking, "What did I do?" and "What are you going to shoot me for?" before slowly accelerating and hitting the officer.

Starks then fires into the windshield multiple times before Berkshire stops and the officer leans on the hood. Berkshire then continues to drive the car with Starks on the hood, leading the police officer to shoot at the vehicle's windshield several more times.

Starks stops shooting and gets off the car after a moment—but then Little Rock Officer Michael Simpson arrives and crashes into Blackshire's vehicle.

The officers radioed for an ambulance, but Blackshire died at the scene.

The Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police has said that Starks deserves due process and that the community should reserve judgment until the investigation concludes. In a statement after the shooting, the union said the shooting could have been avoided if Blackshire had complied with Stark’s commands and showed him his hands.