An officer with the Boca Raton (FL) Police Department who was fired last spring for making reportedly racist remarks has been given a "last chance to salvage his employment," according to a disciplinary agreement that demoted him from sergeant to officer, downgraded his pay and required him to write a letter of apology to the black officer who initiated the complaint that led to his termination.

Jeremy Codling lost his job in March after an internal investigation found that he was guilty of conduct unbecoming a police officer, harassment by making inappropriate and offensive comments and being untruthful while being questioned under oath about his behavior, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Codling was eligible to return to duty in November but had already departed for military deployment in October. A chief gunner's mate in the U.S. Navy, Codling is expected to return from overseas deployment in November 2019.

When Codling returns to the force, he will be required to attend sensitivity training.