The Aurora (CO) Police Department said its officers tried to subdue a man with non-lethal methods during a violent fight Monday night that eventually resulted in his death, and the hospitalization of two responding officers.

Aurora PD Chief Nick Metz spoke about the incident at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. He said three officers, one man and two women, initially responded to a domestic disturbance report around 6:15 p.m. Monday, reports KDVR.

Metz said when officers got inside the apartment, they found a large man "violently choking" another man. The subject reportedly charged at and tackled the officers, and a fight ensued outside the apartment. Metz said officers repeatedly tried to subdue the man with TASERs and batons, but the man refused to comply with their demands to stop resisting and even grabbed the male officer's baton and tried to grab another officer's TASER. The man then choked the male officer, according to Metz.

The fight lasted roughly seven minutes.

"This was one of the most violent altercations I have seen in my career," said Metz, who has been in law enforcement for about 35 years.

As more officers were arriving, police were able to get the man on the ground and in handcuffs. But Metz said the man became unresponsive and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Two officers—one man and one woman—were taken to a hospital with injuries that are not life-threatening.