A Calhoun, GA, police officer was rushed to the hospital after he was shot at a gas station Tuesday.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Officer Joe Yother, a 25-year veteran of law enforcement, was inside the BP gas station when the woman in front of him was short on change, so the officer helped her pay for the cigarettes she was buying.

As Yother walked out of the gas station with the woman, he said he smelled the odor of marijuana on her and called another officer for backup for a suspicious vehicle. 

Yother then approached the car and asked for ID. That's when the GBI said a woman in the passenger seat pulled a gun out of the glove box and shot him in the arm. That bullet ricocheted into his chest, where it hit his vest and his cellphone, WSB TV reports.

Yother and the other officer on scene fired back, hitting and killing the passenger. The other woman was arrested and taken into custody.