After more than a year and a half workshopping their “force related policies” with community stakeholders, the Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen unveiled his department’s final document to them on Monday.

The 27-page document outlines proper use of weapons, scenarios in which officers should use them and how incidents should be reported after the fact. It also specifies that officers involved in shootings are prohibited from immediately viewing video evidence, according to Denverite.

In 2016, when then-Chief Robert White announced the new policy would be penned, community groups made it clear they wanted a seat at the table as the document came together. In January 2017, White announced they’d have their shot. In the months since, a small group of civilian representatives have been providing input and fighting for changes.

Pazen said the entire force should be trained in the new standards by the end of the year. In 2019, more intensive training will take place for all officers. That next stage will include an emphasis on simulator training using the department's new VirTra V-300 system.