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(Photo: 5.11 Tactical)(Photo: 5.11 Tactical)

5.11 Tactical

TAC A2 Gloves

Worn by law enforcement officers and special operators around the globe, 5.11 Tactical's TAC A2 glove is designed for superior comfort and enhanced dexterity in any operational setting. Feature details include: lightweight and fast drying, TacticalTouch precision fingertips, and a synthetic leather suede palm.

(Photo: Blackhawk)(Photo: Blackhawk)


S.O.L.A.G. Stealth

Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. Stealth gloves are built to protect the hands of operators in any environment, featuring dual protection with both Nomex flash/flame protection and Kevlar cut protection. A D30 knuckle pad provides protection without sacrificing flexibility and mobility, while an integrated wrist loop aids in donning the glove and easily attaches to carabiners.

(Photo: First Tactical)(Photo: First Tactical)

First Tactical

Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove

A tactical glove designed to be both reliable and durable without giving up the mobility of lighter wear alternatives, First Tactical's Slash & Flash Hard Knuckle Glove features a Kevlar-lined palm that is Level II certified and a flame-resistant Nomex jersey so you can be ready for any situation at hand. Finished with a hard, TPR knuckle protection and TouchTac fingertip, this is made to be the most complete and functional tactical glove available.

(Photo: Halyard Health)(Photo: Halyard Health)

Halyard Health

Fentanyl-Resistant Gloves

Halyard Health's new Black-Fire Nitrile Exam Gloves are designed to protect first responders from fentanyl exposure, exceeding the recommendations and guidelines for handling fentanyl outlined by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The Black-Fire glove has both a black side that allows the wearer to see white powder and a high-visibility orange side you can use when directing traffic or working in low-visibility situations. The low-friction orange side can also be used for pat-downs and search situations where hand visibility is important. The glove can even alert you when there's a dangerous rip or tear with proprietary Quick Check technology.

(Photo: PH&S Products)(Photo: PH&S Products)

PH&S Products

ResQ-Grip Glove

PH&S Products' ResQ-Grip Glove has a high degree of force of break and a super tough nitrile compound that gives ResQ-Grip excellent abrasion resistance and protection to protect those who put themselves in harm's way. They have also been successfully tested for heroin and fentanyl resistance to ensure the safety of first responders who come in contact with these substances. Made of 100% Nitrile, this single-use, powder-free glove features a raised diamond pattern for ultimate grip. It is touch screen friendly and comes in packages of 100 for sizes small, medium, and large; and packages of 90 for sizes XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

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