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Wear these helmets and hats to protect your head from sun and more on duty.

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(Photo: 5.11 Tactical)(Photo: 5.11 Tactical)5.11 Tactical

Boonie Hat

The 5.11 Boonie Hat is made of a lightweight yet durable poly-cotton TDU ripstop fabric with a Teflon finish, and features ventilation eyelets and a wicking sweatband to help you keep a cool head as the heat index rises. Feature details include an inside foam band with wicking jersey fabrication, sturdy yet flexible four-panel construction, and a Teflon finish. www.511tactical.com/5-11-boonie-hat.html

(Photo: Armor Express)(Photo: Armor Express)

Armor Express

Busch Protective AMP-1 E Ballistic Helmet

The Busch AMP-1 E specialized aramid shell from Armor Express is certified to NIJ Level IIIA (9mm and .44 Magnum), against fragmentation according to STANAG 2920, with a V50 rating of 2,230ft/s. Standard features include advanced padding, wheel-dial, and distinctive rail systems to ensure comfort, flexibility, and performance. The rail system and Speed Connect System (SCS) offer even more tactical and modular protection. Visors (with impact, fragmentation, and 9mm/44Mag protection) can be added or removed instantly. Protective modular capabilities have been increased recently with BAN-1/CAN-1 (ballistic/non-ballistic neck) coverage, a BAM-1/CAM-1 (ballistic/non-ballistic mandible/chin) guard, and non-ballistic visors with rubber seal. https://bit.ly/2N8o4hg

(Photo: EDI-USA)(Photo: EDI-USA)


Terminator Riot Helmet

EDI-USA’s Terminator riot helmet is designed to be strong and resist tough riot threats faced by police officers, but also be lightweight and very mobile. The steel face cage in front also helps to protect officers against higher impact threats and is compatible with most gas mask models. This is the highest level of non-ballistic head protection manufactured by EDI-USA to protect police officers during riot operations. Available in multiple colors. http://ExecDefense.com

(Photo: Helmet House)(Photo: Helmet House)

Helmet House

Shoei Neotec II LE Modular Helmet

The Shoei Neotec II LE from Helmet House is an every occasion modular helmet with built-in adaptability. It features the convenient "flip-up" versatility of a true two-in-one helmet combined with next-level aerodynamics, an internal sun shield, the Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system, and the ability to accept both PVP and Setcom communication systems. The Neotec II is designed to be the pinnacle of modular helmet design for today's motor officers. www.shoei-helmets.com/neotec-ii-features-summary

(Photo: Point Blank Enterprises)(Photo: Point Blank Enterprises)

Point Blank Enterprises

Operator Elite Helmet

The Operator Elite helmet is made to deliver high-performance NIJ 0106.01 Level IIIA protection and exceed mil-spec for 2-, 4-, 16-, 64-, and 17-grain fragments. Designed to be exceptionally lightweight, this helmet features Point Blank Enterprises' proprietary ballistic thermoplastic aramid composite shell, universal NVG mount with guaranteed no-rattle fit, Rapid Adjustment Dial BOA retention system with 2-way adjustments, ultra-comfort combat pad system with phase change technology, and a four-point adjustment harness. It is available in black, tan, foliage green, and OD green. www.pointblankenterprises.com/paraclete/operator-elite-helmet.html

(Photo: Superseer Corporation)(Photo: Superseer Corporation)

Super Seer Corporation

Cool Caps

Seer Cool Caps are designed for police officers who spend long periods of time wearing various helmets or headwear in extreme conditions. The ultra-wicking construction combined with the CoolJade infused yarn decreases the skin surface temperature up to 10° F. Seer Cool Caps are built to withstand daily use from motorcycle, bicycle, horse mounted patrol, riot, SWAT, and corrections police officers. Seer Cool Caps are engineered to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. https://superseer.com

(Photo: Tru-Spec)(Photo: Tru-Spec)


Contractor Cap

The Tru-Spec Contractor Cap is made to complement any uniform or apparel, on duty or off duty. Available in 15 different colors and patterns, the Contractor Cap is designed to be comfortable and adjustable to fit most. It contains front and rear loop patches for secure placement of patches, badges, and name tapes. A loop patch on top allows securing electronics or glint tape. www.truspec.com/accessories/headwear/contractors-caps

(Photo: Team Wendy)(Photo: Team Wendy)

Team Wendy

Exfil Ballistic SL Helmet

Team Wendy says its Exfil Ballistic SL helmet is the lightest proprietary helmet on the market. A full 15% lighter than the original Exfil Ballistic helmet, it features a new SL rail system that allows tool-free installation of the new Exfil Ballistic Visor and Exfil Ballistic Ear Covers. These new accessories provide significant additional ballistic coverage for the wearer, while still meeting key industry performance standards. www.teamwendy.com

(Photo: US Night Vision)(Photo: US Night Vision)

US Night Vision

ATE (Above The Ear) Ballistic Helmet Shell

US Night Vision's ATE NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet was designed to provide the user with a solid entry level helmet, suitable for combat operations, but compatible with other manufacturers' liners, accessories, and even third-party products. The ATE Ballistic Helmet Shell is made from DuPont Kevlar. The FAST or High Cut Helmet offers significant weight savings, with the ATE weighing in at 3 pounds. Used by military, law enforcement, and security personnel, it's designed to provide the perfect combination of protection, weight, and comfort. http://usnightvision.com/hhv-ate-ballistic-helmet/

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