An armed Good Samaritan assisted a Swansboro, NC, police officer engaged in a struggle with a resisting suspect during a Monday morning traffic stop.

Newport resident John Babbie was driving through Swansboro on N.C. 24 when he spotted a Swansboro patrol car pulled in behind a U-Haul box truck then noticed two men wrestling in the roadside ditch.

Babbie, who left his eight-year job as a correctional sergeant with the N.C. Department of Public Safety last November for a career in automotive sales, parked behind the patrol car and emerged from his vehicle brandishing his .40 caliber Smith & Wesson towards the man attacking the officer.

“I gave the command: Stop resisting, stop resisting” Babbie told The Daily News. “I then told him to roll on your belly. When he saw the barrel of my gun, he complied. I’m glad nothing bad happened,” Babbie said.