Starting in 2019, retired law enforcement officers and firefighters will no longer receive health care benefits through the Ohio Police & Firefighters Pension Fund but instead will receive a stipend to buy coverage on the open market, reports the Dayton Daily News.

The OP&F board of trustees voted this week in favor of the major change as a means to preserve the health care fund for the next 15 years. It will impact 58,000 current and retired police and firefighters.

Currently, OP&F covers 75% of premium costs for its retirees and 25% of the costs for their spouses. That deal will end and be replaced with the yet-to-be-determined stipend amounts.

"No dollar amounts have even been discussed," said OP&F spokesman David Graham. "Really, no details are available on it right now."

OP&F leaders are making no promises that even stipends will be available after 2032.