San Antonio police Officer John Lee was suspended indefinitely on Tuesday after fatally shooting an unarmed man earlier this month.

The police department issued the following statement from Chief William McManus:

"Officer John Lee has been issued a contemplated indefinite suspension for placing himself unnecessarily in a tactical situation where in he felt compelled to use deadly force."

Lee shot and killed Antronie Scott, 36, on Feb. 4 after pulling him over. He had been called in to assist undercover officers in arresting Scott, who had outstanding warrants, the police department said.

McManus said earlier this month that Scott was holding a cellphone when he was shot. He said Lee feared for his life when he opened fire.

San Antonio Police Officers Association president Det. Mike Helle says Scott forced Officer Lee into a corner, WOAI TV reports.

"When he did exit the vehicle, two unsolicited witnesses actually verified what the officer said," Det. Helle says. "It wasn't like he made it up. The guy came out of the car in an aggressive manner and was pulling something from his side that looked like he was drawing, and it looked like a weapon." He was actually drawing a cellphone.

Det. Helle says union members are calling Officer Lee's suspension shocking and confusing.

The Bexar County Criminal District Attorney's Office is reviewing the case, KSAT TV reports.