VIDEO: Police Brutality Homework Assignment at Ohio Middle School Angers Parents

A homework assignment titled "Vocabulary-Police Brutality" was distributed to a class at Wilson Middle School in Hamilton, OH, and it has some parents questioning what is being taught to their children.

The lesson words listed on the sheet were: brutality, merely, prosecuted, excessive and minority. Students were instructed to fill in the blanks.

But the following paragraph gave some people concern:

“The numbers don’t lie; minority people (more so black than Hispanic) experience more violent arrests from police officers than do white people. The unfortunate thing is that most police officers aren’t prosecuted in cases of brutality against them.”

The reading continues on to say: “These cases rare make it to court and the officers are acquitted of any crime.”

Hamilton City Schools Superintendent Tony Orr told WLWT TV the district heard about the Facebook posts where people were discussing the assignment.

Orr responded by saying the teacher was challenging students to use critical thinking skills while discussing current events.