VIDEO: Retired Las Vegas Lieutenant Randy Sutton Discusses Role of CCW and Off-Duty Carry in Terror Response

ISIS names Las Vegas as a high profile target. But, in the event of an attack like we saw in Paris, there's a secret security force armed and ready to open fire. columnist and retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. Randy Sutton introduces us to them in this KTNV TV report.

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most famous destinations in the world. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of tourists come here from all over the globe. And the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has a tremendous presence on the strip, both in uniform and people who are not in uniform. 

If someone wants to attack the Strip, the opportunity for them to be engaged by an armed retired police officer is very great. There are thousands of retired police officers that make the city of Las Vegas their home. And every one of them is a trained professional when it comes to defense of others, and use of firearms. They have the legal authority to carry a weapon.