VIDEO: Violent Protest Flares After Fatal Police Shooting Near Ferguson

A large crowd of nearly 300 protesters gathered at a Berkeley, Mo., Mobil Gas Station following a fatal officer involved shooting. The shooting occurred around 11p.m. Tuesday night at the store located at 6800 North Hanley Road. Things continued to heat up as people surrounded a squad car. Objects were reportedly thrown at a police vehicle.  A Hazelwood squad car also had its rear window smashed.

The situation escalated further as police tried to break up a scuffle, KTVI TV reports

Several people were on the ground in handcuffs. Police tried to keep people back and set up a perimeter. During the scuffle it appears that someone threw fireworks near a gas pump.  After that explosion, our crews saw police use pepper spray to keep crowds at bay.

Two officers were injured and four people arrested.