VIDEO: Dallas County Deputy May Have Contracted Ebola

Just hours after the death of Thomas Duncan, the first person diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the United States, a deputy with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department was rushed to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on Wednesday with some similar Ebola symptoms.

Michael Monnig is now in isolation at the hospital, waiting for test results to confirm whether or not he too has the Ebola virus. Those results may not arrive for another two days, CBS DFW reports.

The deputy started feeling ill on Wednesday morning, just a few days after becoming involved with Duncan. Monnig had no direct contact with the first Ebola patient, but he was at the apartment unit where Duncan had stayed prior to being admitted to the hospital. Monnig served a quarantine order to Duncan’s family.

Monnig’s son said that the deputy was feeling fatigued and had flu-like symptoms, which are similar to what Ebola patients experience in the early stages of sickness. Monnig went to a CareNow clinic in Frisco on Wednesday complaining of stomach pains, and told the facility’s personnel about his contact with the Ebola patient.