Pine Bluff (Ark.) Police SWAT officers shot and killed a 107-year-old man who opened fire on them during a standoff at a home on Saturday.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call involving Monroe Isadore, who had pointed a gun at his granddaughter after she arrived to take him to his new home. Isadore told Laurie Barlow to "stop breaking into my house," reports KATV.

SWAT officers arrived and attempted to make contact with Isadore. At some point, Isadore fired a shot in the direction of a patrol officer. After SWAT officers released gas into the room, Isadore opened fire. Officers entered the room and Isadore continued firing. Officers returned fire, killing him.

Police said they tried multiple tactics for removing Isadore, before entering the home, reports Arkansas News.

A neighbor questioned the use of deadly force. Chelisa Canada said police "didn't have to kill him" and should have waited for Isadore to run out of ammunition.