A special prosecutor will review the fatal shooting of a 107-year-old man by Pine Bluff Police SWAT officers, after the Arkansas State Police declined to investigate the case.

The Pine Bluff City Council requested state troopers review the case, following the shooting, reports the Associated Press.

Prior to the fatal shooting on Saturday, Monroe Isadore had told officers they would have to shoot him or take him to jail before he went to live with his son-in-law. Isadore made the comments in June, after a dispute with his daughter and son-in-law, reports the Associated Press. Isadore was hit by police gunfire after he opened fire on officers who entered his home.

Isadore had purchased the handgun used in the incident about a month earlier and told friend Laurie Barlow his daughter was abusing him. Isadore is nearly deaf and legally blind, reports KATV.