Screenshot via CBS New York.

Screenshot via CBS New York.

A New York City EMT is being hailed as a hero for wrestling a gun away from a crazed man who had grabbed it from an NYPD officer and shot the officer's partner in front of a Harlem hospital.

NYPD Officers Fausto Gomez and John Chiodi escorted Guiteau Idore, 43, to the hospital Monday for a psychiatric evaluation after he was caught tossing bottles at people on E. 117th St and Lenox Ave., reports the New York Daily News.

As the officers loaded Idore out of an ambulance, the suspect began to flee. During a struggle, Idore grabbed Chiodi's gun and fired two shots at Gomez.

EMT Brendan Hernandez, 25, was helping unload Idore and quickly tackled the man and wrestled away the officer's gun. He then began giving Gomez life-saving treatment.

Hernandez has applied to become an officer, but hasn't been accepted. Commissioner Ray Kelly said it's time to reconsider his application.