The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has filed one count of filing a false police report against a man who claimed to have been shot and left for dead by on-duty Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, the agency announced.

Manuel Muroz, a 19-year-old gang member, was arrested for a traffic warrant by LAPD Harbor Division officers on Saturday night and alleged that sheriff's gang cops shot him in a Nov. 6 drive-by from a patrol car. The LAPD officers notified the LASD Internal Affairs Bureau. 

Sheriff's Department lieutenant Richard Westin conducted an inquiry into the criminal allegations made by Muroz. He met with Muroz and was shown two partially healed gunshot wounds on the body of Muroz. 

Muroz returned with Lt. Westin to the scene in Lawndale where he said the shooting took place. An investigation verified that Muroz was in fact shot at the scene but not by deputies.

Multiple witnesses reported that Muroz and another man were walking on Firmona Avenue at 172nd Street when occupants of a black Honda with chrome rims stopped and briefly talked to Muroz. Someone inside the car opened fire, striking Muroz twice before fleeing the area. The shooting was immediately reported by multiple witnesses who called 911 and offered consistent descriptions of the incident. None of the witnesses reported seeing a sheriff's radio car at the time of the shooting. The shooting remains unsolved.

A review of the original crime report revealed that Muroz himself claimed to have been shot by persons in a black vehicle, possibly a Honda. He never claimed to have been shot by deputies. Muroz maintained his allegation of being shot by on-duty sheriff's deputies when confronted with these facts.