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2 LAPD Officers Win $8.6 Million in Suit Over Retaliation

A jury has awarded two Los Angeles Police Department bloodhound handlers more than $4 million each for the reprisals they faced after reporting that a supervisor was sexually harassing their female colleague.

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Colorado Officer Helps Homeless Man Reunite with His Family

An officer with the Denver Police Department was honored with the Unparalleled Community Impact Award for her work helping a homeless man get home to his family.

Small CA City Seeks to Address "Chronic Understaffing" of Police Department

The city of South Lake Tahoe, CA, is set to consider funding the addition of two new positions at its police department in an effort to address what some have called "chronic understaffing" among the officer ranks.

Video: California Officer Impresses Social Media Fans With Trick Basketball Shot

An officer with the Los Angeles Police Department recently gave local kids a thrill—and subsequently made quite a splash on social media—when he drained an over-shoulder mid-court shot on a local basketball court.

CA Police Academy Grads Taught History of Police-Minority Relations

Much of the course material was presented by Greg Woods, a lecturer in the university’s Justice Studies department, who zig-zagged from the Enlightenment to slavery to the Zoot Suit Riots to the present.

Photojournalist Rides in Police Unity Tour to Honor Fallen Arizona Officer

"It's a life-changing experience," Davis told his colleagues. He says he plans to participate in the event every year he can from now on.

Arizona Man Charged With Assault for Stabbing Tucson Police Department K-9

An Arizona man is facing charges of aggravated assault on a police officer and armed robbery following an incident in Tucson on Wednesday.

AZ Man Arrested on Suspicion of Impersonating a Police Officer

The man—identified as 28-year-old Joshua Hillman—was taken into custody by the Arizona Department of Public Safety after a trooper stopped to assist with what he initially thought was a legitimate traffic stop.

San Francisco Outlaws Police Use of Facial Recognition Technology

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to outlaw the use of facial recognition technology by police and other government agencies.

Charleston Coroner: Visiting CA Officer's Death Caused by Drugs

An officer with the West Sacramento (CA) Police Department found dead in a Charleston, SC, hotel room in December died of an apparent overdose involving fentanyl and heroin.