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California K-9 Wounded, Suspect Dead in Gunfight

A K-9 with the Placer County (CA) Deputy Sheriff's Office was wounded in a gunfight with a man who had gone on a shooting spree on Tuesday night. The gunman was killed in the exchange, and K-9 Eros was struck and wounded.

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Arizona Officer Shoots, Kills 14-Year-Old Brandishing Replica Handgun

An officer with the Tempe (AZ) Police Department shot and killed a 14-year-old boy on Wednesday, believing that the replica 1911 pistol in the teen's hand was a real gun.

CHP Helicopter Transports Wounded K-9 to Medical Center for Treatment

The California Highway Patrol posted on Facebook that it was called upon to help in the search for an attempted murder and arson suspect in the City of Vacaville. During the search, an officer was involved in a shooting with the subject, who then reportedly stabbed a K-9 with the Fairfield (CA) Police Department.

California Coffee Shop to Donate $1 Per Cup Served to Memorial Fund for Fallen Officer

From 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 17, a coffee shop in the California city of Santa Rosa will donate one dollar for every cup of coffee sold at its store to the Memorial Fund for fallen Davis, CA, Police Officer Natalie Corona.

Wyoming Officer Wounded in 2018 Gunfight Decides to Retire

According to Laramie Live, 27-year-old Jacob Carlson is retiring to focus on his health and his family, saying, "Both my physical and mental health have steadily declined."

LAPD Uses UAV for First Time in Koreatown Standoff

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department deployed an unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time during a standoff between SWAT and a robbery suspect in Koreatown late last week.

Family of Man Accused of Killing Utah Officer "Deeply Saddened"

The family of a man suspected of killing a 29-year-old officer with the Provo (UT) Police Department said in a statement that they are "deeply saddened" by the gunman's actions.

Gunman Who Killed Rookie California Officer Left Bizarre Suicide Note

The man who shot and killed rookie officer Natalie Becky Corona of the Davis (CA) Police Department reportedly left a strange one-paragraph letter face up on his bed before killing himself.

Arizona Entrepreneur Paints Limousine Bus in Thin Blue Line Theme

An Arizona entrepreneur who owns a large limousine concern has painted the newest vehicle in his fleet in a Thin Blue line Flag theme.

California K-9 Dies Suddenly

K-9 Arco was recently diagnosed with a congenital heart condition, which was suspected to be the cause of his death.