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CA City to Keep Flag Design on Patrol Vehicles

"I got 600 emails from people in Laguna, the ratio of support was 100-to-one in support of the design. I got emails from across the country. The flag is a symbol, it doesn’t represent a particular president or political belief,” the mayor said.

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LAPD OIS Numbers Down 25%

The Los Angeles Police Department saw a 25% reduction in officer-involved shootings last year, compared to the previous year, according to a report presented to the Board of Police Commissioners Tuesday.

Woman Wanted for Threat Against Columbine High Found Dead

The FBI tweeted shortly after discovery of the body that there was no longer a threat to the community. FBI Special Agent in Charge Dean Phillips said at an afternoon news conference that authorities believed Pais died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound but that a medical examiner would confirm if that was the case.

World Series Champion Takes on New Career as California Deputy

Deputy Justin Christian—who won a World Series ring with the San Francisco Giants in 2012—entered law enforcement after leaving the game of baseball a couple of years later.

California Helicopter Crew Safely Makes Emergency Landing

"The helicopter was being flown by a 10-year veteran pilot and his co-pilot. As they were flying, they experienced a major mechanical failure and radioed to John Wayne Airport to request permission for an emergency landing."

California Motor Officer Injured in Collision with Vehicle

A motorcycle officer with the East Bay Regional Park District was injured Friday when he collided with a vehicle on an interstate freeway.

American Flag Design on California Patrol Vehicles Sparks Backlash

The Laguna Beach Police department recently repainted a number of squad cars to include an American flag theme across the front and rear doors. Some citizens are crying foul, saying that the new design is "aggressive" and not reflective of the community.

Colorado Officer Shot in Both Legs, Suspect Dead in Gunfight

An officer with the Pueblo (CO) Police Department was shot in both legs and a suspect was fatally shot during a foot pursuit.

Colorado Sheriff's Office Releases Funny Video to Warn Drivers of Impending Blizzard

Two deputies with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office were seen in an amusing video sitting in lawn chairs and eating snacks beside the road of a freeway in their jurisdiction that tends to have foul-weather traffic collisions.

(Video) The Dangers of Traffic Stops

LAPD Captain Greg Meyer (ret.) discusses some of the dangers to police officers present during traffic stops, and some of the tactics he teaches officers to help mitigate those dangers.