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Shots Fired at Officers

Three Charged With Attempted Murder in Attack on Illinois Police Officer

Police investigating a series of shootings involving suspects in a vehicle firing upon other vehicles in North Chicago themselves came under fire early Sunday morning, police said on Wednesday.

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Kansas Man in Custody After Allegedly Shooting at Police

A man is in custody after he reportedly opened fire on officers with the Leawood (KS) Police Department immediately prior to a six-hour standoff on Saturday night.

Gunman Shoots at NC Police Through Sunroof with High-Powered Rifle

As soon as a police officer hit the blue lights to pull over the black Lexus Sunday, a man stood up through the sunroof and started shooting. Two suspects are still at large.

Georgia Police Arrest 1 After Standoff After Shots Fired on Undercover Officers

Two undercover officers with the Atlanta (GA) Police Department were investigating a complaint of drug activity when shots were fired at their unmarked patrol car on Monday.

Gunman in Massachusetts Opens Fire on 2 Officers, Neither is Injured

The officers had been responding to a man-with-a-gun call and had just begun to approach a man fitting the description of the subject when the assailant opened fire.

South Dakota Hostage Taker Arrested After Gunfight with Police

A South Dakota man has been arrested and faces numerous charges stemming from an incident in which he allegedly shot at police officers and took hostages in western South Dakota.

Shots Fired at Florida Deputy Outside Bar

Spratlin, however, did not return fire, but instead “focused on getting bystanders to safe shelter.” Spratlin took cover behind his patrol vehicle, which was hit by one bullet.

Alabama Officers Pinned Down by 200 Shots at Public Housing Area Friday Night

“As officers reformed at a safer distance, as many as 200 shots were fired from various locations at GWC,” Chief Collier said Saturday.

Man Arrested After Barricading Himself in Police Vehicle, Firing Shot at California Officers

While in the back of a police car, the man gained access to the front of the car where he took possession of a semiautomatic patrol rifle.

Dallas Patrol Vehicle Targeted by Shooter, Officer Cut by Glass

The officer was wounded by flying glass, but was not shot, police said. The passenger door was also shot, police said.