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Officer Rescues Animal

Officer Rescues Kitten at Scene of Traffic Collision, Decides to Adopt Her

An officer with the Gaffney (SC) Police Department was working the scene of a traffic collision when she heard a tiny little "meow." She shone her flashlight around and discovered a small grey kitten.

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Video: Ohio Officer Rescues Fawn from Swimming Pool

An officer with the Madeira Police Department recently rescued a fawn from an in-ground swimming pool and reunited the little creature with its mother.

Photo: Texas Officer Captures Large Snake in Walmart Parking Lot

An officer with the Marshall (TX) Police Department responded to a call of a large snake slithering around in the parking lot of a local Walmart store and quickly apprehended the large reptile.

Massachusetts Officer Rescues Fawn Entangled in Branches

An officer with the Stoughton (MA) Police Department rescued a baby deer from being entangled in some brush on Sunday.

CHP Officer Rescues Wayward Duck from Freeway

An officer with the California Highway Patrol on Friday rescued a duck that had wandered onto a freeway and was in danger of being struck by passing traffic.

Video: Virginia Officer Captures Snake in Residential Backyard

A female officer with the Henrico County (VA) Police Division was seen on video capturing a snake in a residential backyard as onlookers marveled at her quick hands and bravery.

Massachusetts Officer Rescues Baby Opossum

An officer with the Quincy (MA) Police Department rescued a baby opossum on Tuesday evening, bringing it home to his family to help care for it.

California Highway Patrol Rescue Baby Sea Lion on Busy Freeway

Officers with the California Highway Patrol were alerted to a traffic backup on a busy freeway south of San Francisco on Tuesday.

Video: Ohio Officers Save Dog Dangling from Second-Story Balcony

Officers with the Cleveland (OH) Police Department came to the rescue of a dog dangling from a second-story balcony in that city's east side on Saturday night.

Florida Officers Capture Massive Alligator from Local Business

The department posted pictures of the apprehension to its Facebook page, saying that the animal was "carefully removed without harm from the area and relocated to a safe place."