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Officer Rescues Animal

Massachusetts Officer Rescues Baby Opossum

An officer with the Quincy (MA) Police Department rescued a baby opossum on Tuesday evening, bringing it home to his family to help care for it.

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California Highway Patrol Rescue Baby Sea Lion on Busy Freeway

Officers with the California Highway Patrol were alerted to a traffic backup on a busy freeway south of San Francisco on Tuesday.

Video: Ohio Officers Save Dog Dangling from Second-Story Balcony

Officers with the Cleveland (OH) Police Department came to the rescue of a dog dangling from a second-story balcony in that city's east side on Saturday night.

Florida Officers Capture Massive Alligator from Local Business

The department posted pictures of the apprehension to its Facebook page, saying that the animal was "carefully removed without harm from the area and relocated to a safe place."

Video: New York Officer Rescues Whimpering Dog from Icy Water

An officer with the Ogden (NY) Police Department followed the sound of a whimpering dog to a hole in the ice of a canal and pulled the shivering pup to safety.

Florida Department Adopts Stray Dog, Makes him Official Therapy Dog

Officers with the Lynn Haven (FL) Police Department reportedly found a stray dog wandering the streets and took him to get cleaned up and examined. The department soon discovered that the animal would make a perfect pet for the department, and would also serve a vital role for the community.

Texas Police Called to Rescue Caged Tiger in Abandoned Building

Officers with the Houston Police Department responded to a 311 caller stating that they had discovered a tiger in a cage in an abandoned building.

Chicago Police Form Human Chain Across Ice to Rescue Man, Dog from Lake Michigan

Officers with the Chicago Police Department are being lauded for their bravery, quick thinking and teamwork as they rescued a 33-year-old man who had fallen through the ice on Lake Michigan in an effort to save his puppy, which had also fallen into the frigid water.

7 Tips for Safely Dealing with Animals on Patrol

Mountain lions and other very dangerous predators have been known to show up in densely populated cities. Elk have been known to get tangled in a farmer's fencing. Raccoons and opossums end up in storm drains and dumpsters on a regular basis. Here are some thoughts on dealing with non-human subjects in a way that keeps both the animal and the officer safe.

Wisconsin Officer Adopts Kitten Rescued from Snowy Ditch

An officer with the Platteville Police Department has adopted a kitten he had rescued from a ditch filled with snow.