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Officer Attacked

Northern Ireland Officers Targeted in Border Explosion

Police in Northern Ireland were the target of an explosion near the border with the Irish Republic, authorities said.

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Florida Officer Stabbed by Female Suspect at Domestic Disturbance Call

An officer with the West Palm Beach Police Department was stabbed by a female suspect at a domestic disturbance call on Monday afternoon.

Former NYPD Chief Blasts Mayor de Blasio for "Not Supporting" Police

Former NYPD chief Louis Anemone said Monday that Mayor Bill de Blasio does not sufficiently support police, leading to a climate in the Big Apple that led to recent incidents of young people dousing police officers with buckets of water.

Man Arrested for Attempted Murder of Ohio Officer

A man who fled police and led an officer in a foot pursuit reportedly fired gunshots in the direction of the officer earlier this week.

Mad as Hell About Water Buckets—and the Ferguson Effect

One component of the Ferguson Effect is the glorification of anti-police sentiment, anti-police protests that turn violent, and attacks on officers—both verbal and physical. The latest social media videos of attacks on officers serve as proof that this wrongheaded thinking undeniably exists.

Third Video Surfaces of Suspects Dousing NYPD Officers With Water

A third video surfaced on Wednesday of individuals carrying buckets of water and dousing NYPD officers on the street.

3 Arrested in New York City Water Bucket Attacks

Police in New York City have arrested three men in connection with the water bucket attacks in which police officers were doused with water in videos that were posted to social media on Monday.

Video: New York Subway Rider Verbally Abuses Police Officer

The NYC Police Benevolent Association posted on its Facebook page a video of a young man verbally abusing a police officer on a subway train.

Man Arrested in Mexico for 2015 Assault on Colorado Officer

A man was arrested in Mexico for a vehicular assault on a Colorado police officer in April 2015 when he reportedly fled the scene of a traffic stop and forced an officer to dive out of the way of the oncoming vehicle, which was rapidly accelerating in reverse.

New York PBA President Livid Over "Water Bucket Attacks" on Officers

Lynch said in a statement, "Our anti-cop lawmakers have gotten their wish: the NYPD is now frozen. It's not the fault of these police officers. It's the end result of the torrent of bad policies and anti-police rhetoric that has been streaming out of City Hall and Albany for years now."