Pa. Police Officer Shot, Wounded During Shootout

A Chester, Pa., officer was wounded after a shootout during a domestic violence call. The suspect was killed by officers returning fire.

A Chester, Pa., police officer suffered a gunshot wound during a shootout in the city early Monday morning.

Deputy Police Commissioner Otis Blair told CBS Philly multiple officers responded to the 1200 block of Culhane Street for a domestic call.

Officers were about to clear the scene when a man came out with a gun. Investigators say the suspect opened fire on the officer before police returned fire.

The officer's name has not been released, but police say he was shot in the abdomen and is in stable condition. He has a wife and children and is a nine-year veteran of the police force.

Chester Police say the 34-year-old suspect died as a result of his injuries.

"At some point during that contact, there was an exchange of gunfire," said Deputy Commissioner Blair. "As a result, one of the officers was struck one time and the subject with the gun was struck multiple times."

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