A Denver, CO, police officer was shot by a detained subject Monday night while delivering him to the Downtown Detention Center. Another officer returned fire, wounding the shooter.

According to the Denver Police Department, officers spotted what they believed to be a stolen car and attempted a traffic stop but the vehicle drove away. After trying to elude officers, the car stopped and a man exited the vehicle.

Police Chief Ron Thomas said the car was confirmed stolen and the suspect was searched and arrested. During the search, officers found a handgun and suspected narcotics, reports 9NEWS. The man was taken to the Downtown Detention Center and officers were taking him out of the car inside the sally port when the shooting happened.

"As they were removing the suspect, who was handcuffed and seated in the backseat of their vehicle, as they were removing him from the vehicle, he was somehow able to access another weapon and fire at least one round, striking one of the officers in the neck," Thomas said in a media briefing.

Other officers were in the area when the shooting occurred and at least one fired on the suspect, hitting him multiple times. The wounded suspect was transported to an area hospital and listed in critical condition.

The wounded officer is expected to recover, according to police.

“He did suffer pretty significant wounds to the neck, but non-life threatening. He's in very good spirits,” the chief said in the media briefing.

The chief explained the wounded officer, and others involved, have been on the force for about seven years.

He also addressed the incident by saying, “certainly officers take precautions to search individuals for weapons and other items that can be used to harm themselves or harm the officers and we'll have to identify through the investigation exactly where this weapon was recovered from.”