Police responding to a Midvale, UT, McDonalds encountered a dad who instructed his 4-year-old to fire a gun at officers. An officer saw the weapon and was able to deflect it, but the shot resulted in a minor injury to the officer and damage to the McDonald’s awning.

“You know, this is a sad day for us because the person who pulled that trigger was 4-years-old,” Unified Police Department Sheriff Rosie Rivera told KSLNewsRadio. “Just think. The gravity of that. A 4-year-old was told, we believe by the father, to pull the trigger and shoot a police officer.”   

The dad and multiple children were inside a car at the drive thru. Apparently, the man was upset that his order was not correct. Restaurant workers said the driver brandished a weapon, so they called police. 

Police removed the man from the car. However, once he was outside, an officer noticed "a firearm coming outside the vehicle," Rivera told FOX13 . Rivera said clutter and clothing had obscured the children from view. 

Sadaat Johnson, 27, was charged with suspicion of felony child abuse and threatening the use of a dangerous weapon. Police also say both children in the car, including the one with the gun, are in DCFS custody.